Are You in One of These 3 Dire Situations That Calls for Lock Repair?

lock repairSecurity for your home, car, or even business can be a complicated issue no matter where you live. You have to protect yourself and your family or employees, and you also need to safeguard against future incidents if one has already occurred. But many people don’t even know exactly when they should call a locksmith and may go without the repairs they need for their building’s or vehicle’s locks.

What are some signs that you need lock repair for your home or car? Here are three such incidents that can lead to calling for a locksmith:

If you’ve had a lock break:
Whether a key snapped off in your front door lock or the tumblers in the lock simply don’t operate, lock repair is likely the answer for you. Sometimes keys can break, especially if they are old, so it’s crucial to contact local locksmith services as soon as you possible can. Additionally, other locks break down over time or if there’s been some kind of stress on the internal mechanisms. Attempting to fix the problem yourself may only involve more frustration, so make sure you call a professional to repair your door’s lock. In the case of car key remotes, you can also contact a locksmith to replace the battery or perform repairs.

If you’ve had your home or car broken into:
Unfortunately, home burglary is a reality for many Americans — no matter where they happen to live. In 2006, for example, residential burglaries accounted for 66% of all break-ins, and 63% of those took place during the day. On average, this works out to about one home invasion every 13 seconds, about 95% of which involve some type of force for thieves to gain entry into a home. Additionally, cars can also get broken into, especially if they are lacking in modern security features. No matter what type of break-in you’ve encountered, make sure to make things right with a qualified lock repair specialist. A locksmith not only can complete repairs but may also give you advice on preventing future break-ins.

If you’ve lost your keys:
No matter which type of lock you can no longer access — whether it’s home or auto — you can call for lock repair services if you lose your keys. In some cases, a locksmith can create a new set of keys for you. If you’ve lost your car keys and don’t want to order new ones from the manufacturer — or if you can’t because they are no longer produced — then a locksmith can often create one for you. This service may even include reproducing car key chips, so you can safely open and lock your car doors using a remote.

Need more advice on when to call a locksmith? Get in contact with us if you have any questions. Don’t leave yourself and others vulnerable — make sure to call for lock repair and key replacement as soon as you need it!

What to Do After You Lose Your Car Keys

lost your car keysPicture this: You walk up to your car, reach into your pocket or purse, and freeze. You’ve lost your car keys. This is the same situation for over one in 10 drivers, who have found themselves standing next to their car with no key to open it. According to a survey of 2,000 vehicle users by Lloyds Bank Car Insurance, 26% of drivers have lost their car keys, and even one in 20 have had their keys stolen. Replacing your car locking systems can be very costly, so here are a few tips to finding your car keys before looking into lock out services.

Of drivers who lost their keys, 20% misplaced them at work, 15% while shopping, and 13% while visiting a friend or relative. When you lose your car keys, it’s best to first trace back your steps to the last time you remember having them. Check that place first, and then work backward to the other locations you visited throughout the day. If you lost your keys during a shopping trip, revisiting each store and ask if anyone has turned in a key. Get in contact with anyone you may have met for the day, and ask them to keep a lookout for your keys.

Be sure to check some of the more unusual places you may have placed your key. You may have accidentally dropped them into a bag you were reaching into, or placing them down in the fridge while looking for a quick snack.

If all else fails, and you are certain you have lost your car keys, you should call your local locksmith services. Professional locksmiths can get you back on the road in a few hours. If you do not have a usual locksmith, search for professional locksmith services online, or ask around for any recommendations.

Good News: Your Car Is Much Safer Than It Was Years Ago

auto locksmithOne in five drivers will have their keys stolen at some point in their lives, 26% will lose them, and both of these things can ultimately result in car theft. There is good news, however. Fewer people are stealing from cars. “The 700,000 vehicles stolen in the United States in 2013, the most recent full year for which data is available, reflect a whopping 58% drop from 1991,” according to the Traverse City Record-Eagle. More impressively, car thefts are at an all-time low, with today’s thefts at the lowest rate since 1967.

Unfortunately, that does not mean that Americans are 100% in the clear. Thefts can and do happen, even if they are significantly less likely nowadays. Here are a few things to do to make certain that your car and belongings remain reliably locked up and safe:

Lock Your Car
What is the leading cause of car thefts? While 20% of us have lost keys at work, 15% at the mall, and 13% at friends’ and families’ houses, this loss is not the driving factor of car break-ins. What is? Leaving your car unlocked. Most thefts occur when people forget and/or neglect to lock their vehicles, and this is when thieves swipe some more expensive items — like GPS units, laptop computers, tablets, and cameras. Always lock your car, and double-check (or triple-check) if you are uncertain that you locked it in the first place.

Car Keys You Can Trust
Auto locksmiths share two key tips. First, if you have a newer vehicle with a keyless fob or smart lock, replace it at least once every two years or however often the manual recommends. Failing to do so may result in the fob failing, and it may compromise the safety of your vehicle. On the other hand, if you have misplaced or lost keys, local locksmith services advise upgrading to a higher grade lock. This will ensure the lock is different than the last one, and add an extra layer of security.

Good news: Car thefts are becoming increasingly rare. In any case, auto locksmiths remind drivers to always lock their cars, maintain keyless fobs if applicable, and change locks after misplacing keys.

Toddler Locks Parents Out, Inciting Panic

local locksmithTwo parents from Berkshire, England who remain unnamed undoubtedly wish they had access to local locksmith services around-the-clock, just like we do on this side of the pond. The duo waited outside of their home for over an hour after their one-year-old child locked them out. Somehow, the tiny tot leaned up against the door, ultimately locking it and trapping his mother and father outside. “Firefighters carefully removed the glass pane from a window and helped the concerned parents back inside to their young child,” The Reading Chronicle reports. “We were there for about an hour but you could see him through the patio doors and the little boy seemed happy.”

The Case For A Locksmith
The incident in Berkshire, England proves that these things can — and will — happen. Having access to 24 hour lock out services can go a long way to giving you a peace of mind. While babies and toddlers don’t lock their parents out of the house too often, people lock themselves out of their homes and cars all the time. Drivers have also accidentally locked young children and pets in their cars, and sometimes on dangerously hot and humid days. Local locksmiths, including auto locksmiths, can generally correct the situation at any time of day — and they can do it quickly and at a relatively low cost. (It is much cheaper to have an extra key made ASAP than it is to replace a pane in a glass window, like the U.K. baby’s parents will have to do.)

Is It Really Necessary?
You may be of the mind that it cannot and will not happen to you. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. Losing keys is much more common than you’d think. Every day, the average person will misplace up to nine objects. Over one-quarter (26%) have lost car keys, and more than 4 million U.S. drivers locked themselves out of their vehicles in 2012.

Don’t underestimate the value of your local locksmith. Accidents happen, and it is best to be prepared when they do.

Wild Turkey Breaks Window And Enters Rhode Island Home

local locksmithThere is a break-in in the U.S. about once every 13 seconds — and, with such a large volume of intrusions and forced entries, it makes sense that some of them may not be what you expect. When water flooded into Rhode Island resident Nancy Page’s bathroom, Page assumed a pipe had burst in her home. The true cause of the gushing water was an unlikely intruder: a wild turkey. The turkey broke the window, flew inside and apparently did considerable damage in the process.

Unfortunately, most of the time, a broken window or a broken lock and a home intrusion does not involve a relatively innocent animal. Here are a few ways to secure your home:

Properly Secure Windows
Residential burglaries are fairly popular (accounting for 66% of all break-ins), and over half (63%) occur in broad daylight. How can Americans keep their homes and possessions safe? First and foremost, lock windows when you are not home. Second, certain materials — such as tempered glass and safety glass — will typically hold up well against attempts to shatter them. Avoid unlikely run-ins from wildlife and birds by opening blinds or drapes just part of the way to let sunlight in.

Burglar-Proof Front, Side, And Back Doors
There are varying degrees of inefficient doors. It may entail a door with a lock that doesn’t work, a door with a lock that is relatively easy to get around, or even a locked deadbolt with a key hidden somewhere nearby; when it comes down to it, all of these things can pose hazards. To keep homes as safe as possible, don’t hide a spare key in obvious places near the door. Remember, local locksmith services or lock out services have surprisingly flexible hours — and they can often produce a new key within just a few minutes. Call local locksmiths or lock repair services if your door opens with just a little force, or if you want to replace a traditional lock with something more reliable, like a deadbolt.

In nearly all cases, an intruder won’t mean a confused wild turkey. Take your safety into your hands by reinforcing windows and doors with quality materials and locks.

Why Are Drivers Keeping Their Keys In The Freezer?

car key chipThere is a downside to advancing technology, especially the technology associated with remote car keys and car key chips. What is that downside? “Across the USA, thieves have begun using a device called a power amplifier to help unlock cars,” according to a May 7 USA Today article. There are a few basic steps that can keep these thefts under wraps:

Use A Little Common Sense
First things first: Yes, it is not all that uncommon to end up in a situation with lost keys. Of 2,000 drivers surveyed, 26% admit they have lost keys, and another 5% have had keys stolen from them. And the blunders don’t end there. More than 4 million U.S. men and women called lock out services after locking themselves out of their cars in 2012, and more than one in 10 drivers have stood next to their cars and been unable to find the keys to open them. Even so, local locksmith services generally agree: drivers should be very careful about their spare keys. A common mistake is leaving a spare key-less remote inside of cars, which will leave the vehicle unlocked at all times.

Where It Gets Complicated
Manufacturers designed the remote key-less fobs to automatically open the vehicle within a certain distance. If you park your car right in front of your home, and you stow the key, let’s say, on a hook right next to the door, thieves will be able to open your car using an amplifier. The problem is bigger than most people think, however. Making a point of tucking keys away when you enter your home — and doing it relatively far from your vehicle whenever possible — isn’t enough. The amplifiers can actually reach up to nearly 100 feet, making it very difficult for some to safely store their keys… unless they park all the way down the street. For now, drivers have effectively safeguarded these keys and car key chips by placing them in the freezer or the microwave. Doing so will interfere with an amplifier’s signal and render it useless.

New technology is not fool-proof, and amplifiers that enable car thieves to break in easily prove it. To prevent these burglaries, keep tabs on spare keys and — until manufactures come up with a better solution — it doesn’t hurt to keep keys in the microwave or freezer.